The Garden Patch in Saint Petersburg, Florida - Unfulfilled orders and delayed refund from


Order made on June 13th and cancelled on July 1st due to inability to deliver product. The company has not yet refunded my money (3 weeks later).

Order made June 13 (#193196) for total of $34.75. The payment was deducted from my PayPal account on the same day. On June 24th I contacted the company about the status of my order and was told the item was back-ordered and a delivery date could not be given. I contacted the company again via email the same day and was told my order was now marked "rush" and was moved "to the front of the line".

On July 1st I had still not received any product or any further communication from the company. I cancelled my order. On or about the 8th I had still not received my refund and contacted the company again. I was told they had waited until the 7th to process the refund and it would be available shortly.

I contacted the company again on the 16th and was again told it had been refunded on the 7th and would be available shortly. I contacted the company again on the 23rd and was told the refund was processed on the 7th and didn't know why I had not received it. I was told the "business office" would contact me to help resolve the issue. I requested a phone call for the same day and did not receive any contact.

While not directly related to this transaction I ordered the same product in May for the same amount of money.

The company lost my payment at that time and took a week of repeated calls to resolve the issue. The company is generally non-responsive and those responsible to resolve disputes are difficult to contact.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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